Training remains a high priority, UNECA

Lusaka, 26 September 2012 (ECA) -  The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) is committed to building the capacity of Regional Economic Communities and Inter-Governmental Organisations within the framework of the 10-year capacity building programme for the African Union and its economic communities.

Speaking at the opening of a three day results-based management training for the Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa (COMESA) in Chisamba, Zambia, ECA-SA Officer-in-charge Mr. Johnson Oguntola said training will continue to be a priority for ECA because a skilled work-force is the most valuable strategic asset of any organisation.

Delivering remarks on behalf of ECA-SA Director, Mr Oguntola said that results-based management training is aimed at supporting COMESA in effective implementation of its programs. "Results-based management gives better public confidence in our institutions, meets growing demands for better and more responsive services and better accountability for achieving results." He said that results-based management shifts managerial and administrative emphasis from a process-focused approach to one based on performance and results.

Mr Oguntola further emphasized that successful implementation of results-based management involves integration of key management systems and processes of the organisation including strategic planning, policy formulation and budget management among others. He added that in a resource limited environment, results-based management "can be useful for attracting funding, convincing donors, a skeptical public or legislature by producing measurable results and provide value for money"

Meanwhile COMESA Director of Budget and Finance, Mr. Dev Haman representing COMESA Secretary General Dr Sindiso Ngwenya thanked ECA for its continued support to COMESA and whose existence is rooted in ECA. Mr. Haman made a spirited appeal to COMESA programme staff undergoing the training to apply the knowledge in order to transform the institution. "This training is fundamental to the transformation of COMESA, you are the instruments of transformation through this training, which should not just end here in the classroom but should be applied to transform your work, COMESA and the region."

COMESA Court of Justice, Registrar, Mr. Habben Nkonkesha appealed to ECA to extend the training to his institution which seats 12 Judges. He said the training will help synchronize and bring coherence between the work of the Judges, administration and management. The Court of Justice is temporarily based in Lusaka, its permanent seat is in Khartoum, Sudan.

Another appeal for more training was made by Katherine Ichoya, Executive Director, of the Federation of National Associations of Women in Business in Eastern and Southern Africa. Ms. Ichoya said her members will benefit from such a training.

The three day training taking place between 26-28 September in Chisamba, Zambia is the second in a series of training planned for two years for regional economic communities, member States and other partners. The first training was conducted in 2011 for COMESA top management.
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