Ministers adopt forward-looking declaration to take the African Mining Vision into Action


ECA Press Release No. 159/2011

Addis Ababa, 15 December 2011 (ECA) - African Union Ministers at the 2nd African Union Conference on a Sustainable Future for Africa’s Extractive Industry today adopted a declaration of intent to implement the Africa Mining Vision.

Mining Ministers from several countries, including, Algeria, Congo, Ethiopia, Mali, Mozambique, Namibia and Zambia attended the Conference. Senior officials from over 29 African countries, as well as representatives from the regional economic communities, the mining industry, donors, academics and other specialists in the sector were also in attendance.

The Ethiopian Minister for Mines, Sinkinesh Ejigu, who chaired this year’s Mining Conference, had earlier urged Africa’s development partners at a roundtable on the implementation of the Mining Vision to play a key role in overcoming the challenges confronting the mining sector.

Representatives from Australia, the World Bank, Canada, Sweden and the European Union all expressed their commitment to the Vision and the implementation of the Action Plan.

The 16th December Addis Ababa declaration urges Africa countries ‘to swiftly reform its policy space to align it to the tenets of the Africa Mining Vision’. It continues ‘at the centre of the Vision is a developmental state that integrates the mining sector into broader social and economic developmental processes’.

It suggests a number of practical ways in which the Africa Mining Vision can be implemented on a country-by-country basis. The recommendations to ministers include investing windfall earnings into stabilization funds, in infrastructure and in sovereign wealth funds. All these will help sustain development well after mines have been exhausted.

The declaration also endorses the Africa Mining Vision Plan of Action ‘as a continental tool for guiding the prudent, transparent and efficient development and management of Africa’s mineral resources in order to meet the MDGs, eradicate poverty and secure intergenerational equity’.

The declaration calls on the Africa Union Commission in collaboration with the ECA and the African Development Bank to help member States implement the Vision with support from development partners.

Jointly issued by the African Union Commission and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa:

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