Experts discuss framework for better use of geospatial information in Africa


ECA Press Release 214/2012

Addis Ababa, 12 December 2012  (ECA) - Geospatial science and technology experts from Africa and other parts of the world held a three-day meeting in Addis Ababa to prepare guidelines on legal and regulatory frameworks for use of geo-information in Africa. They discussed experiences, impacts and outlook on governance, legal and regulatory frameworks that exist in Africa and around the world.

The  ICT, Science and Technology Division of Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) says dedicated efforts are required to create the environment for sharing the benefits of geographic information with decision makers and users in Africa.

Such efforts  would require the development of specific action plan, mandates and responsibilities for data producers or custodians; technical components to ensure that the various datasets can be integrated seamlessly, as well as access rights, legal and regulatory frameworks to enforce the standards, the rights and responsibilities.

It is expected that the meeting will foster the adoption by African countries of appropriate mechanisms for the cooperative production, management, dissemination and use of geo-information resources at the global and national levels around the continent.

In an opening remark, Ms. Aida Opoku-Mensah, Director of the ICT Science and Technology Division (ISTD) at ECA said  ECA was promoting best practices in policies governing geospatial information management because Africa does not have a formal regulatory framework yet.

“We want to draw from the various experiences of experts in evolving  best practices that can ensure the delivery of a more joined up approach in providing geospatial information and services to government, business and citizens", she said.

A draft study on issues pertaining to geospatial legal and policy frameworks was presented to the experts It is expected that discussions would generate ideas that will guide the governance and development of holistic geospatial information in the continent.

Experts discuss framework for better use of geospatial information in Africa

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