CODIST II exhibition - exploring new ideas and innovation potential over a cup of coffee


Addis Ababa, 05 May 2011 (ECA) - CODIST III will see the introduction of a new category in the Technology in Government Awards (TIGA). In addition to the current ones, the G-Government Award will recognize innovative applications of Geographic Information Systems by African governments. From the look of things at the CODIST II exhibition area stiff competition can be expected during the next round of TIGA awards in 2013.

Although few in number, a significant number of exhibiters were ICT/geoinformation enthusiasts. Others hailed from research institutions and the Free and Open Source Software for Africa Association (FOSSFAA) movement.

No ECA exhibition is complete without the regular souvenir stores and it will be interesting to see whether store owners have been inspired to upgrade their business processes through the use of ICTs.

Nevertheless, this past week, the exhibition site, where all coffee breaks were held, was the place to meet and greet, update new developments, learn something new from the exhibitors and carry with them a piece of Ethiopian tradition. The exhibition space was once again turned into an informal, but vibrant forum for the exchange of ideas.

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