African Economic Outlook ‘s focus on resource mobilization timely for Africa, says Nnadozie


ECA Press Release No. 39/2010

Abidjan 24 May 2010 (ECA) - Although many international organizations publish annual reports on Africa, the continent is seldom covered on a country-by-country comparative basis as done by the African Economic Outlook (AEO), the Director of the Economic Development and NEPAD Division at the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), Prof. Emmanuel Nnadozie said today in Abidjan.

Speaking at the launch of the 2009/2010 edition of the publication, Prof Nnadozie declared that AEO was the only recurrent report on Africa that provides country-by-country analysis of recent political, economic and social performance, as well as structural change and forecasts on medium outlook.

He said, the theme addressed by the publication “Public resource mobilization and aid”, was timely for Africa in view of the adverse impact of the recent global financial and economic crises on the continent and its increasing development financing needs.

“The report’s insightful analysis and policy recommendations on the issue of public resource mobilization and aid will be very useful to African countries, national policy makers, international donors, development community, researchers, civil society and journalists,” said.

A joint publication of the African Development Bank, EC A and the OECD Centre, African Economic Outlook has steadily increased its coverage---from 22 countries in 2005 to 47 countries in 2009 and 50 countries in 2010, making it a widely acclaimed and authoritative annual report on African economies.

Nnadozie said ECA would continue to provide input to various overview chapters of the publications in areas such as governance, corruption, macroeconomic policies, foreign trade, and intra-Africa trade. “ECA is prepared to cover more countries for AEO 2010/2011 and provide more support to its dissemination,”

:: Opening remarks at the Launch of the African Economic Outlook 2009/10 by Mr. Emmanuel Nnadozie, Director, Economic Development and NEPAD Division

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